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dating the wrong peopleIf you have experienced the pain of divorce — even in a relatively low conflict online divorce — then you know that jumping in to a new relationship isn’t the best of ideas. You don’t want to repeat past mistakes, yet every year so many people do. If individuals were more mindful of the warning signs regarding the person they’re dating, then there would be much fewer second and third divorce cases. That’s why you need to be on the lookout for the following behaviors.

1. Too Eager To Make It Physical.

While I’m not coming down on anyone who wants a purely physical relationship with someone else, it probably isn’t the best idea to immediately jump into a relationship with someone who is eager to “seal the deal.” Sexuality is a deeply personal thing that should have some thought and feeling behind it. If they’re wanting to jump into bed on the first date, then it’s pretty safe to assume they’re reckless in relationships.

2. Too Demanding Of Your Time.

After my divorce, I dated someone who was way too demanding of my time. It blew me away how she needed no privacy and how she expected me to be the same way. That did not work out for obvious reasons. Everyone needs their own corner of the world where they can shut out their significant other, their kids, their pets, and anything that might cause a distraction. If they don’t have it, then it’s pretty obvious that they’re not comfortable enough in their own skin to be in a successful relationship.

3. Her Topics Of Conversation Revolve Around The Opposite Sex.

If they are constantly talking about the opposite sex and don’t seem to have any friends that are of their own gender, then that can be a warning sign against entering into a relationship. Even if things are completely innocent, it could eventually drive you mad, particularly if your marriage ended due to infidelity.

If you aren’t quite to the dating point yet, but would like to be, the next step you need to take is to read our online divorce reviews to determine whether you want an attorney representing you or if you would rather handle the paperwork yourself. The best results will depend on how well you and your spouse can work together to reach a peaceful solution.

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