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465593675_30a2c4103e_oEvery life experiences stress at some time or another, and when you’re married, you can often multiply whatever you’re feeling times two because stress tends to be contagious to both spouses. But when a single person feels stressed, they can often go somewhere to recharge and get over it without having to worry about how their stress levels will affect someone else. Marriage is different. In marriage, stress can lead you both down the fast lane to divorce. Here are four unfortunate ways that happens every day.

1. Stress leaves you withdrawn from the marriage.

When you feel overly stressed, it can be difficult to do the husband and wife things that make a healthy marriage succeed. After a while the laziness that you feel can translate into boredom with your spouse and you can actively start to resent them for no other reason than being who they are.

2. Stress eliminates any sex drive you may have previously had.

Sex in a marriage often wanes with time, but if you’re not dealing with stress levels in healthy ways, the drive that you have to be intimate with your partner can die a horrible death and take your marriage with it. You have to make time for each other. If you’re down to once a month, try to make it twice per month and grow from there. Studies have shown that couples value frequency to quality when it comes to the bedroom, so you don’t have to devote a lot of time to this in order to get your sex drive back on the road.

3. Stress can empty out your batteries.

If you’re feeling too stressed, you might be quick to bail on family time, thus leaving your spouse on their own or, worse, as the sole caretaker of your children. Talk about stress! When you no longer have time for the family, don’t be surprised if you wake up one day and they no longer have time for you.

4. Stress can kill the patience that you have for each other.

When you’re feeling stressed out, you tend to be selfish and devalue what the other person brings to the table, at least to a degree. That means anything they do you don’t agree with can push you closer and closer to the edge.

By knowing how stress can manifest in your life and cause a divorce, you can take action today to deal with it in healthy ways. How have you managed to diagnose stress as a problem and find a solution? Share your experiences in the comments section.

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