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Grieving Your Divorce: How Necessary Is It?

Laura Lifshitz recently took on the theme of grieving your divorce for YourTango, and it’s a sobering reminder of what happens when the finality of calling it quits soaks in. Lifshitz, normally a funny lady, goes a much more poignant path with her reminiscing as she struggles to come to terms with the fact that […]

Second Marriage Tips: What to Ask Before An ‘I Do’ Redo

A second marriage isn’t something that you want to enter into lightly when you’ve lived through the pain of divorce. While you probably already know that, you still may not be asking the right questions of your new spouse-to-be. To avoid any messy “I do” re-dos we suggest sitting down and having a conversation. Then, […]

3 Ways Divorce Prepares You for a Better Relationship

Divorce may make relationships seem toxic, but the experience can actually be a great learning opportunity that prepares you for the relationship of a lifetime. It all depends on which direction that you choose to take once the papers are final. Will you work on yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally? Or will you double down […]

Forgiveness Is the ‘Gift You Give Yourself’: Here’s Why

Michele Weiner-Davis, in her much talked-about examination of infidelity for Huffington Post, has one particular piece of advice that really leapt from the screen for me. From the piece: “When there has been infidelity, people just don’t forget about it. In fact, they don’t ever forget it. What does happen is that memories of the […]
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