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2223713451_bca8a53145_zPassion is something that many feel should come naturally, and while that’s true to an extent, every relationship goes through its challenges, and without effort, the passion that was once there can die out. If you feel like your relationship has lost its spark, there are several things you can do to rekindle that flame. Let’s look at a few.

1. Get the kids a babysitter. 

If you have children, then you know what a tremendously taxing presence they can be. It’s hard to find time for intimacy and togetherness when you’re dealing with whining, nosiness, and bodily fluids all day. That’s why you routinely need to find the kids a reliable babysitter so that you can enjoy some one-on-one time every week or two. How do you expect to get back to where you were when you were dating if you don’t date? If you don’t have kids, then you don’t need a sitter, but you do need to make time for romance.

2. Share each others’ interests. 

Allowing your spouse to bring you into their world a bit can really remind you why you fell in love with them in the first place. If she likes to cook, schedule time in a cooking class. If you like ice hockey, watch a game live and be patient with whatever questions she throws your way.

3. Continue to make time for yourself. 

This may not be hard if you’re already in a rut, but you may be spending too much time with yourself. Just don’t let the pendulum swing back in the other direction where you’re spending all of your time together and you lose your sense of individuality because you’re too busy doing things together. There must be a balance.

4. Get physical. 

No, we’re not trying to be dirty here (though if what you’re thinking is “in the bedroom,” it certainly can’t hurt). What we’re saying is that exercise and physical activities, particularly when you can compete against each other, can spur the sense of passion that makes relationships strong and builds attraction.

I’m sure many of you have experienced passion ruts in your relationship before? Were you able to overcome them? If so, what helped you the most?

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