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8711969175_5573d92a0d_zAs an online divorce review site, we know that most of our visitors will not be down on love permanently. That’s why we recommend never saying never and when it comes to getting remarried, keeping good thoughts about the changes to come. Looking at a recent Reddit post of what changed (if anything) after two people decided to marry, here were some of the most uplifting and interesting responses.

1. “For me it’s having my best friend right beside me. Be it a good thing or a bad thing, he’s right here to see it all go down. And that’s the best feeling in the world. I’d be beyond lost without my husband.”

2. “The biggest change for me going into marriage was probably adjusting to living together with her, but even that wasn’t a big shift. Really, we were both taken aback by how unchanged everything felt afterwards, and how we were still just us, which we both took as a good sign.”

3. “I always tell my friends when they ask this that there is no significant change, and that I really don’t think there should be. By the time you get married you should already be yourself in the relationship, and know your partners true self, and in my opinion you should also already have lived together.”

4. “Before we were married there were her clothes and my clothes. After we were married we had her clothes and our clothes.”

5. “The biggest change was getting used to my new last name.”

6. “My wife and I have been married for over 16 years and through that time, we’ve worked together to overcome many things. Military deployments (I’m no longer in uniform), job changes, moves, buying houses, kids, kids having major medical issues (oldest had open heart surgery at age 5), living in separate cities for a while (job related) and her finishing grad school.

“All of those experiences have only reinforced an existing bond and make it stronger.

“If I have a problem, some big news or some juicy gossip – my wife is the first person I think to tell. When my mom passed away unexpectedly while I was visiting my home state (it borders Canada and I live in Texas), the only person I wanted to talk to was my wife (and I wanted her to hug me, too). She feels exactly the same.

“You become more and more one person as the years pass when you’re married. You’re not complete without your spouse.

I’m glad for it.”

7. “Now everything I do, I do it thinking [about] my family, never [about] myself.”

While you may still be a long way off from trying the marriage thing again after a divorce, it never hurts to have an example of marriage done right to which you can aspire. Good luck as you enter into a new chapter of life.

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