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Online divorce is becoming a more enticing option for couples who’ve come to the end of their marriage and are committed to a civil and amicable divorce. The biggest problem with an online divorce, however, is choosing which service offers the best value and support for the price.

While the competition is fierce among online divorce sites, we’ve worked hard to bring you an objective and detailed perspective over what each site offers and whether it is in keeping with your goals.

Please remember: divorce can be a challenging life event, particularly when one spouse doesn’t want it. And according to recent statistics, around 80 percent of all marriages have one spouse, who would rather stay and work through the marital issues.

If you’re looking at divorce forms completion services, such as or, then you SHOULD BE one of the 20 percent. Online divorce works best when both parties agree that the marriage should come to an end. It works best when both parties work with each other to limit tension and frustration for themselves and any children involved.

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If your situation fits one of the 80 percent and your spouse doesn’t want a divorce, then it could be more difficult to go this path since unwilling spouses can create a lot of tension and headache in an effort to keep the marriage together.

It behooves both of you to find the common ground needed to go with an online divorce. By keeping attorneys out of it, you can reach an equitable agreement designed on moving both your lives forward instead of holding you back. It won’t take nearly as long, and you’ll walk away in a better financial situation. Plus, by keeping it just between the two of you, you’re less likely to have as many challenges co-parenting.

Bottom line: know what you are getting yourself in to with your divorce, and don’t make the mistake of thinking every case requires the same solution.

We can help you find the online divorce sites best suited to your situation, but you’re the one who knows your situation best. Trust your instincts and make decisions with your head instead of your heart. Good luck!

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