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8271587213_39b0009067_zAt our online divorce review site, we often look for quotes, tips, facts, and stories that will help with what the divorced person — or future divorcees — are going through or bound to experience. Today, our search has led us to a piece on Huffington Post.

Contributor Alka Pratap takes a poignant and, yes, sad look at her parents’ successful marriage. Despite not being “right” for each other, Alka writes, they stayed together because they valued the family “over any personal considerations.” Their desire not to see their daughter disadvantaged by becoming a child of divorce took precedent in spite of their differences.

The whole thing is worth a read — many great lines and insights — but it was a comment to this piece from Lauretta Robbins Sesock that really raised our eyebrows. She writes:

“I learned from watching my grandparents’ lives that ultimately what matters is not how good or bad life is at every moment along the way but where you get in the end. In the last few years of my grandparents’ lives I saw a transformation in their relationship and it was wonderful. Sure they were almost 80 but they were separated at death possessing a love for each other that was deep and beautiful. Too many couples don’t ride those difficult times to get to that place of peace. And that is a loss for everyone. Marriage is not intended to be fun all the time. It is a place that is to refine and perfect us, and that hurts!”

We know that not every marriage is salvageable. That’s why we seek to connect you with online divorce sites that can help you resolve your situation quickly and effectively. But few stay divorced forever. Many people want to get back out there and find someone they can connect with on a deep and personal level. That’s why we recommend heeding the advice of Sesock. Don’t buy in to the Hollywood stereotypes. Successful marriages will have plenty of moments where they challenge or confound you. Sometimes you’ll get tired of the person you’re with or you’ll be so angry with them you can’t see straight.

While you may not be able to save it — and it may, in fact, not be worth saving depending on the situation — keep in mind that marriage isn’t perfect, but it can grow to something “beautiful,” as the commenter states, with the right amount of time and effort.

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