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dating the wrong peopleThe Oscar divorce curse has popped up into trending news headlines in the aftermath of Hollywood’s biggest night, and while I’m not one to believe in curses, it certainly is interesting.

According to a new study, males who win Oscars are three times more likely to get a divorce within their first year of marriage. As for the nominees, they are twice as likely.

“We always think about status and moving up as something good, but we also observed all the misery that comes with certain dramatic increases in status,” Michael Jensen, a strategy professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and the study’s lead author, told Live Science. “The real Oscar curse is not a professional curse, it’s a personal curse. Moving up and suddenly becoming a big shot increases the likelihood of getting a divorce.”

While it isn’t clear whether this holds true for men in non-fame-oriented jobs where a high status is achieved, it’s certainly worth consideration. If you find yourself withdrawing from your partner as the result of an upswing in fortune, it’s best to be aware of stats like these. Remember, people who are there for you when you have little will be great companions when your fortunes take a turn for the better.

You can at least be more sure that their feelings are genuine than you can after experiencing a dramatic turn of success.

“It kind of creates this dilemma for men. The bottom line is, if you’re thinking purely professionally, go ahead and win all you can. But if you’re thinking about your personal life, then pause for a moment,” Jensen said.

It’s also worth remembering the sacrifices that your spouse or significant other might have made to help you in achieving your dream.

Do you think the Oscar curse is real, or is it just a reminder not to get carried away with ourselves when we experience a measure of success?

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