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465593675_30a2c4103e_oAs an online divorce review site, we’ve seen a lot of curious behaviors from people mulling over the prospect of divorce, but nothing quite compares to the point of view of an actual divorce attorney. Recently a Reddit commenter asked divorce attorneys what some of their craziest client stories were like. They did not disappoint. Here are some of the most bizarre.

1. “Took the couple two hours to decide who would get the groceries left in the fridge. Estimated value of the groceries was around $40. Two hours of my time, opposing counsel time, and mediator time added up to about $1,000. It all came down to a Costco/Sam’s Club sized jar of peanut butter. (Who keeps peanut butter in the fridge?!)”

2. “I had a couple arguing for three hours over who got the kids on Christmas day, only to discover at the end that they were both Jewish.”

3. “I had another woman who said that her husband drained $60K from their community bank account to pay for a sex change operation that he never told her he was planning to do.”

4. “The husband grew weed in the house. The town was supportive and even let him redo his electrical panel to accommodate his crop. Long story short, in the divorce, she demanded half of the weed proceeds. Today it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but 12 years ago I was shocked to see that in a court document.”

5. “I had a case where the estranged wife was calling my client’s employer repeatedly, accusing him of theft and other white-collar crimes, to try getting my client fired.

“The thing is, the children were with her, and she was also demanding child support. Which is based on his income. For the job from which she was trying to get him fired.

“(Fortunately, the employer was onto her BS and my client wasn’t let go.)”

6. “The ex-wife hid his artwork (works he had purchased long before the marriage) and in mediation she tried to sell it back to him.”

7. “I was in a mediation where it took the couple an hour and a half to split their personal property, retirement accounts, real property, and custody of their 6 month old son. The rest of the day, about 4 hours, was spent arguing about how to split the time with the dog. For the kid they just put, “as agreed upon by the parties” but the dog had a strict calendered schedule working out holidays and strict pickup/drop off times. I was ashamed to be a part of that unbelievable display.”

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