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8271587213_39b0009067_zAs an online divorce review site, we know from watching what some of our readers go through that divorce is often the best decision that one can make with their life, but it’s important not to lose sight of one key detail when dissolving a union. That detail: just because one marriage goes bad, that doesn’t mean the institution itself is worth giving up on. In fact, the following people commenters from the reddit community look at their marriages as the best thing to ever happen in their lives. Once you read what they have to say, you’ll see why. Just remember, though: this can be one of your next relationships. Don’t give up.

1. “… the best part about being married is knowing that I have somebody to get my back no matter what, for as long as I live. … Highlights? When I got laid off and was feeling super-desperate and pathetic, she took my hand and told me “We’ll get through this.” … Also, the baby. The baby is pretty cool.”

2. “For me the best part of being married is when my husband comes home from work and is so excited to see us. The dog runs over to him, he scoops up my daughter and gives her a big hug, and kisses me. We spend all day waiting to be together again, and when the whole family is home it’s just wonderful. It’s like everything is in its right spot in the world.”

3. “I’ve been married 19 years and you pretty much summarized it. My wife and I share very different hobbies and enjoy them separately. But when it comes to child rearing, money, and running a household, we are in perfect accord. Our first year was rough … very rough. I think the reason a lot of marriages fail is unrealistic expectations. Marriage does not mean spending every waking moment together. And it is not an eternal honeymoon.”

4. “It’s like having a sleepover with your absolute best friend. Every. Single. Day. It’s pretty awesome.”

5. “Spending an uncharacteristically long time getting ready for my engagement party, covered in war paint, sucked, plucked, and bejewelled, and my hair coiffed to within an inch of its life, and my husband-to-be says, ‘You are so beautiful.’

“Spending 12 hours giving birth to our first child, lying in a pool of my own sweat with my stringy hair clinging to my face, with my gore-covered baby daughter in my arms, and a team of medical professionals gathered around my private parts as though waiting for the Second Coming, and my husband says, ‘You are so beautiful.’

“Spending more than a year struggling to keep my husband alive, and finally, holding his hand and watching him slip away, as he says, ‘You are so beautiful.’ … Actually, I look very much like Velma from ‘Scooby-Doo.'”

Okay on that last one, we cried, but you get the point. Life is full of tough spots. So are marriages. But when you find the right person, they’re completely worth the journey. So keep looking.

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