Can You Name Your Worst Qualities? These People Could.

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465593675_30a2c4103e_oOne of the toughest things to do when you say or hear those words, “I want a divorce,” is fess up to your own worst qualities. It can be difficult staring at your failings face-to-face and thinking, “That’s why the marriage failed.” Well, first, some good news: your worst qualities may not be the sole reason the marriage failed. They usually aren’t. While it’s cliched and not always accurate to say this, it often does “take two to tango.” Next, more good news: confronting your negative qualities is a great way of overcoming them.

Recently on reddit, someone asked the question, “What are reasons not to fall in love with you?” See if you can be as honest and introspective as these individuals.

1. “I honestly do believe I am boring.”

2. “Because I’ve already met my soulmate, and chances are I’ll never be with her again. If you try to love me, I’ll just compare you to her. Sorry.”

3. “I’m a sociopath.”

4. “Because I won’t work to better myself but I expect you to be the best you can be.”

5. “I enjoy drugs. Not an addict or anything I just like to partake whenever possible. Nothing major either, a needle is never going near my arm.”

6. “It’s relatively easy to emotionally hurt me.”

7. “I’m slowly turning in to my dad.”

8. “incredibly insecure, probably stemming from a girl i was dating (the first girl i dated actually) describing me to her parents as and and i quote ‘He’s not very attractive but he can be funny….’ needless to say that relationship ended badly.”

9. “I have no hobbies. Wanna connect with me? Buy a laptop, sit next to me, and don’t talk.”

10. “I am a terribly boring person with effectively no personality of my own. I steal all of my humor from reddit and essentially copy and paste my opinions from various role models. I can’t really feel empathy for anyone. And my life is going nowhere.”

11. “That I haven’t done the things you should have to be classified as a responsible adult.”

12. “I can’t think of a reason. Perhaps that is truly the only reason.”

Do you know what your weakest areas are? What are you prepared to do to work on them in 2015?

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