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99559869_ddd0c8bff9_zIf you are in the process of going through an online divorce, then you may not even want to think about getting remarried. After all, aren’t the odds of “making it” supposed to get worse with each subsequent marriage after the first? Well, yes and no. Yes, they do get worse because the majority of people don’t learn their lessons and continue to go after the same people. Not “same people” as in name but type, that is. They are emotionally stunted and repeat past mistakes.

But if you break that cycle, your “odds” of finding true love the second time around will improve significantly. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of your second marriage.

1. You learned enough about what you DON’T want in the first marriage to recalibrate your expectations and priorities.

2. You have more significant life experiences, and so you’re more likely to look for someone with that same level of maturity.

3. You are more appreciative of your alone time after the divorce, and so by the time you get remarried, you have a very clear idea of the man or woman you’ve become. If you like yourself more, it will make you more attractive to the right people.

4. You are more determined to find a healthy balance between passion and practicality. Rather than buying in to the rom-com perfect, they-live-happily-ever-after ideal, you look for something that won’t fade with looks or time. In other words, a second marriage is as much about the mental connection as the physical.

5. You are likely to remarry to someone who has it “going on” as much as you do. You both have careers and money and are capable of affording a more comfortable lifestyle.

People who get remarried and have success usually identify with at least one of these statements. As long as you’re learning from the past, there is no set of stats that should deter you from taking the plunge into matrimony once again.

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