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465593675_30a2c4103e_oRed flags in a relationship are often so obvious that it would take willful ignorance to ignore them. However, some can be so subtle and perplexing that you don’t realize it until after the relationship is already over. Recently on reddit someone asked what the subtlest of these were. The reddit army responded in kind, and we’ve picked out a few of the most thought-provoking. See if any of these are part of your current relationship. If they’re there, then you may want to check out some of our online divorce reviews for your next options.

1. “If at any point in a relationship, while fighting, someone calls you worthless. Never, ever, ever take that from someone. Ever.”

2. “When you are the only one making changes to make them happy.”

3. “If you have to keep breaking up and making up to keep things exciting or need to argue to have good sex.”

4. “When they find it funny if their friends act inappropriately toward you. Or think it’s alright to post personal photos on social media even if they are anonymous or temporary.”

5. “1.Talking about their ex on the first date. 2. Becoming more attracted to you when you pull away and show no interest. 3. Burping or farting on a first date.”

6. “Carelessness with money/living paycheck to paycheck.”

7. “If early on, they tell you openly about mean things they have done to other people.”

8. “When you realize you are constantly making excuses in your mind to justify their actions.”

9. “Any sort of contempt. Being contemptuous towards another person, or someone being contemptuous towards you, is a relationship killer every single time. Doesn’t matter what kind of relationship it is. If there is any signs of contempt, it is only a matter of when, not if, the relationship will fall apart!!!”

10. “When your SO isn’t the one you can talk to. If you can’t come home after a crappy day and be comforted with the thought that ‘It’s OK, I get to see/talk to xyz later and have cuddles’ then there’s a problem. You should be able to say anything that comes to mind to your SO and not feel like they’re not the right one to talk to about particular matters.”

What about you, readers? What are some of the more subtle relationship red flags one should be mindful of? Share in our comments section!

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