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4051305996_1694505910_zThanksgiving is a time for togetherness. Unfortunately, that togetherness isn’t always non-adversarial as many Reddit users on the AskWomen board know all too well. Recently, a commenter asked the question of other users: “Americans, what are you positive your family is going to argue about over dinner tomorrow?” See if any of these resemble your situation.

1. “Ferguson: My aunt saying how this isn’t worse than the LA riots, followed by a history lesson on the LA riots. … My grandmother reminding everyone she was involved in protests as a teenager and was gassed by the RUC … My sister reminding everyone she saw this coming in August during the first wave … My dad getting frustrated with everyone trying to out liberal everyone else, and yelling ‘Kill Whitey,’ Chris Farley style after he goes on a monologue as to how police and local DA’s are not to be trusted (he used to be a prosecutor…this will be brought up 40 times).”

2. “My family won’t argue they’ll just yell at each other about how they have the same opinion.”

3. “I don’t think we’ll be fighting about anything? We just kind of yell at each other because we all have really loud, obnoxious voices (except my husband, who will stay pretty much silently bemused the entire day). But we’re not really arguing.

4. “The annual football game, which will lead [to] one of my younger cousins crying because they don’t get passed the ball enough, and quitting.”

5. “My family will probably discuss politics. I’ll just stay quiet because I’ve tried that argument before (calmly), backed up by lots of research, and it’s just not worth the energy.”

6. “MIL [Mother-in-law] is gonna be upset that my S[ignificant]O[ther] is frying a turkey. They bought two so she could bake one specifically to make gravy. She decided (after buying the extra turkey) that she wasn’t going to do it. She’s gonna be mad that she didn’t and she’ll also be hawking over the SO’s fry job. … Either way, she’s also going to be upset about the fact that there’s so much meat now.”

7. “My mom is an Evangelical, and we used to argue about religion, social issues, and generally what scumbags TV evangelists are. Now, she has Alzheimer’s, and she doesn’t remember any of that stuff. So we’ll have polite chit-chat about her cat (that she no longer owns), her latest conversation with her parents (who are long dead), and her plans to return home (where she has not lived for years). I miss the arguments.”

What will you be fighting over this Thanksgiving? Anything? Share in our comments section.

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