4 Co-Parenting Secrets That Exes Have Kept From One Another

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Co-parenting can be difficult, especially when Mom and Dad no longer see eye-to-eye and have very different parenting styles. This became immediately apparent to our online divorce review site when we came upon this thread from reddit. In it, commenters share things they’ve kept from the other co-parent in their family dynamic. Here were some of the standout responses.

1. “My 16 year old daughter was picked up this summer by police for being out 1/2 hour after curfew with 2 friends in car, breaking license restrictions. They were parked at McD’s, doing nothing in our boring little suburban town. Overkill I thought. Didn’t tell my husband as he would overreact.”

2. “My mom gets agitated about the stupidest things, and my dad didn’t believe in corporal punishment for ‘minor’ infractions, so oftentimes when I was a kid, if I got in trouble and my mom demanded a spanking, my dad and I would go up to his closet and he’d give me a quick lecture about listening to my mother, then he’d pretend to spank me and I’d scream bloody murder for a few minutes. … I’m 26 and Mom still doesn’t know that he wasn’t spanking me.”

3. “I’m not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but my son and I keep his ‘my little pony’ stash out of my husband’s sight.”

4. “I can speak on my mum’s behalf here. I know for a fact she kept it from my father when she found out I got arrested in South Africa. It was only for a ‘sleepover’ for one night, but as it turns out, the Inspector who signed me out, turned out to be my next door neighbor. … She secretly grounded me without my dad knowing. I obliged, because he would have killed me.”

Are you currently co-parenting a child? What secrets have you kept from your ex? Sound off in the comments section.

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