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Breaking an engagement can be a tough decision because you’ve told everyone you’re going to do this, and now you’ve got to tell them it isn’t going to happen. No judgment on this end. Better to catch the problems early than to wait until you’re married with kids. But there is one tricky part of the whole thing that everyone seems to struggle with — what happens to the ring? A redditor recently posed this question to the AskReddit community, and here were some of the better responses.

1. “Hold onto it — chances are you’ll propose again someday, and people who tell you it’s bad luck to reuse a stone are either superstitious or shilling for De Beers.

“Just make sure to put it in a safety deposit box if you can. You don’t want a future partner finding it and thinking you’re about to propose or something. And to be honest, you’ll want to keep its origin to yourself if you reuse it, or at least find a way to explain it gently if pressed. So make sure you’re comfortable with that.”

2. “Hey, there is a site called where people sell stuff from relationships.

“It’s not really much different from Craigslist but since people go there looking for jewelry specifically, you may get a better shot at selling it.”

3. “I was in a similar situation a few years ago, and decided there were three options:

  • Attempt to re-sell to a store, for peanuts.
  • Keep it as a reminder to be more careful in the future.
  • Post it online, and give it away for free to a young couple.

“In the end I kept it for a couple of years, not thinking about it, not looking at it, then donated it to a friend of a friend who wanted to get married.”

Have you ever been faced with this situation? What did you do with the ring? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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