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140465604_8da01d5d4e_oLong-term relationships are naturally in danger of burnout if certain things go unchanged for too long. As people, we change whether we want to or not, and if the relationship is staying the same amid those changes, then it can make for a difficult situation. If your relationship or marriage is suffering from burnout, then you may want to incorporate the following methods to cope.

1. Do A Project Together. 

Whenever things grow stale in a marriage or relationship, one effective way of turning it all around is undertaking a mutual project that you can both feel impassioned about. This might mean a home improvement project, a ballroom dance course, a cooking class — there are no set rules, just as long as you’re doing it together.

2. Schedule A Trip. 

Time away from your home base, and if necessary your children, can give you both a new perspective on life and how to revitalize the relationship. A trip is always popular among couples because it’s something new that you can experience together, and it breaks the monotony that so often comes with daily routines. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to add in more couple time during the week, even if you’re not able to schedule a lavish getaway.

3. Gift Each Other ‘Me Time.’ 

If the relationship has hit a state of burnout, it may seem counterproductive to spend time apart, but it can make a world of difference depending on what the cause of the burnout actually is. If it’s a matter of work, children, dinner, and bedtime, then your husband or wife may never have a free moment for themselves that doesn’t involve work. To overcome this, you might make a gift of an entire day to show your appreciation for one another. One of you take the kids while the other relaxes and does what they want to do. Then, reciprocate.

4. Talk About It. 

If you’re both burned out, you may be making matters worse by not addressing the issue. You may fear that to say something about burnout, you’re in some way doubting the strength of the relationship. That’s not always (or even usually) the case. All couples experience a level of burnout. How they respond will ultimately determine whether they’re able to overcome. So talk it out and share some ideas on how you can revitalize each other and the marriage or union you’ve built.

What have you done that really worked in overcoming relationship burnout? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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