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140465604_8da01d5d4e_oBeing in a relationship is like being a writer. Because everyone can fall in love (or write complete sentences), then it must be easy. What that mindset does is create a world of self-professed experts, who know nothing in reality. As a result, you’re likely to hear all kinds of bad relationship advice, even from people you may know, love, and respect. There’s nothing wrong with loving those people, but if their advice sounds anything like this, let it go through one ear and out the other.

1. All you need is love. 

John Lennon may have been an awesome singer/songwriter, but his comment that “All you need is love” is about one of the most ignorant and simplistic that you’ll ever hear in the world of relationship advice. Love is not enough to produce a successful relationship. You also need commitment, devotion, hard work, respect, and a sense of responsibility. Without these things, love isn’t worth much.

2. He/She deserves a second chance. 

They may deserve a second chance at life, but not with you. If you have a spouse, who has abused you or cheated, you’re right to think twice about that second chance and even righter to not go through with it. In the case of domestic abuse, it could cost you your life and put other loved ones in danger. In infidelity, it’s just really hard to get that trust back, and who wants to spend their life acting obsessively over what their partner is doing when they’re not around?

3. There are plenty of fish in the sea; just date someone else. 

Getting over someone by dating someone else, is also incredibly bad relationship advice because it doesn’t give you time to grieve the relationship and find peace with your life. You just go from one disaster to another, never learning anything.

4. Arguing is bad for any relationship. 

While it can be uncomfortable and scary to get in an argument with someone who is usually the apple of your eye, it’s ultimately healthy for your relationship because it teaches you both about conflict resolution. Life is going to be full of tough challenges. You have to learn to weather them together, but that’s not possible if you can’t even resolve your own conflicts within the relationship.

What is some of the worst relationship advice you’ve ever received? Share yours in the comments section below.

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