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6476418799_f3f6918c7b_zIf you’re considering online divorce but aren’t yet sure whether it’s the best step to take for the relationship, then we would invite you to get back to the basics of your marriage and ask some key questions before taking that next step.

One of the first things that you’ll want to do is remember why the marriage worked in the beginning. By taking this initial step, it will show you two things: 1) How you’ve changed in the relationship, and 2) How the relationship has changed over time. This will start to shed light on the possibility of working things out. Additionally, Rochelle Nelson of Huffington Post shares these questions:

Is what you’re fighting about worth ending the marriage over? 

Not a question to discount lightly. There are some very good reasons to end your marriage — adultery, domestic or substance abuse that might affect you or your children, and, yes, falling out of love and growing apart.

What is your relationship costing you? 

If you constantly feel frustrated, unhappy, depressed, or worse, then the marriage may not be “fixable.” If you are just going through a rough patch and haven’t really tried hard to work things out — as in communicating, going to counseling, etc., then you may want to hold off. After all, every relationship requires at least the communication part to be successful, and if you’re not doing it in this relationship, you won’t in the next one either.

What are you doing to contaminate the relationship? 

This is an extension of Rochelle’s last question in that some people just immediately want out of the marriage because they think it must all be on their spouse and there’s no fixing things. This is a dangerous place to be because it gives you a free pass and allows you to move freely into another relationship without solving anything. Essentially, you could be having more of a hand in the problems than you think, and if that’s the case, then your next relationship(s) will suffer as well.

If you are certain that the marriage is at an end, then make time to read over our online divorce reviews and find the option that works best for you. Good luck!

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