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4420336383_b4ec1412f1_zYou would be surprised how many online divorce cases that are handled in a DIY manner or through limited attorney help have seething hatred under the surface. Two people who at one time loved one another find themselves in an uneasy alliance where they “just have to get through it” so they never have to speak to one another again. Unfortunately, these individuals feel like they need to vent, and they often decide to do it on — you guessed it — social media.

If you are one of these individuals, we would advise you to do three things before hitting “Publish” on the network of your choice.

First, Ask Yourself What It Will Solve.

Will blasting your ex on social media where mutual friends and even a few family members see it, do anything to put the divorce further in your rear view mirror? “No, but at least I can say what I want to say and get it off my chest,” you might say. Well, couldn’t you do that without the public outburst? “Yes, but I want the people I care about to know how I feel.” Do you seriously care about every person on your Facebook friends list? If you do, then surely you see them in person or have heard of a thing called direct messaging?

Secondly, Go Ahead And Write What You Want To Say.

This is a technique that has helped me in political arguments. I see something that someone says that I highly disagree with, so I decide I’m going to respond. As I’m writing out all my thoughts, I realize that hitting the “Publish” button isn’t going to change his mind any more than he’s changing mine, and it will likely lead to hours of lost productivity as we get in to a war of words trying to “prove” the other one wrong in a public venue for all the other Facebookers to see what nut jobs we are. By the time I’ve come to this realization, I am done saying what I plan to say, but better sense has prevailed. And that brings me to the final point.

Delete It Before Sending.

But, but, but, all that work, wasted! Actually, it is the opposite of wasted. Those thoughts were inside of you, making you feel terrible and ruining your day, correct? Well, now they’re no longer there. They made it out into the world without sacrificing your reputation and possibly prolonging the legal fight. You have exorcised the demon, so to speak. Now don’t let it spread to the world. Get rid of it once and for all.

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