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99559869_ddd0c8bff9_zThe Boomtown Rats once sang a song called “I Don’t Like Mondays.” And yes, we’ve had enough bad ones to get where they’re coming from. But some divorced people over at Reddit chose not to start the week off on a sour note. As a result, they’ve been posting the positive things that happened to them since their divorces were final. Naturally, as an online divorce site, this appeals to us because so many who come here seeking answers to their specific situations are discouraged by the present instead of looking toward the future. These personal stories should give you all some hope.

1. “I just got word that i was accepted into the engineering school i wanted to go to.”

2. “I was married for 18 years to a woman with mental health issues. When she chose to walk away from the marriage I was devastated.

In the time since (6 months or so), I have:


  • Lost 40 pounds
  • Become more aware of myself — what’s going on inside my own head
  • Realized that there’s more to life than going to work every day and coming home to sit on the couch every night
  • Renewed and strengthened a bunch of friendships
  • Made a bunch of new friends
  • Developed new hobbies
  • Learned to appreciate today
  • Learned not to worry about things that are beyond my control (still a work in progress but I’m getting pretty good at it)
  • Learned to be happy (I’m getting good at that one too)

The path I’m going down is never one I would have chosen for myself, but every day, I realize how much better off I am than I had been on the path I was on.”

3. “I just had some pancakes. They were pretty tasty.”

4. “I just bought clothes this weekend that are a full 2″ smaller waist than the last pair I bought.”

5. “Doing well at work, taking classes, applying to grad schools, meeting new people… and I had my first post-divorce sex last week and, though I was a little awkward at first, I think it went really well. (Minus the whole ‘I hope I actually mean something to this guy, since he means something to me’ worries I’m having.”

6. “My son ran into my arms this morning at drop off screaming mommy mommy and showering me with kisses. He has also used the potty for two weeks now with few accidents. … I also dyed my hair and cut my own bangs. Getting a lot of compliments so that feels pretty awesome.”

If you’re here to read our online divorce reviews, and you think that what you’re going through is not a positive, just read over these responses again and look to the future. Also, check out the rest at this link!

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