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Cheating is often an unfortunate part of a marriage, and it can often be the catalyst that leads to a couple’s undoing. Even when it isn’t cited as the primary reason for a divorce, we’ve found as an online divorce site that nothing is ever the same once that temptation has won. If you suspect that you are married to a cheater but aren’t sure or don’t want to admit it without substantial proof, here are some sure signs to watch out for.

New Bedroom Repertoire

Let’s face it. Things can get somewhat routine and by-the-numbers after you’ve been with the same person over and over again through a number of years. If he or she is suddenly wanting to try new things that neither one of you (seemingly) have ever done before, then that can be a warning sign. It could be that he or she just wants to spice things up, but it’s often an indicator of something more sinister.

Sudden Secrecy

My wife and I have an understanding. She knows my passwords and I know hers. That goes for phone unlock codes, bank accounts, emails, social media, you name it. Now we neither one go snooping on each other, but that’s because we don’t have to. There are no secrets. If we suddenly changed the game somehow — take the phone passcode, for instance — and didn’t tell the other person, then we’d have reason for concern. Sudden secrecy where none used to exist is a dead giveaway he or she is hiding something.

Substance Abuse

If your spouse or significant other has started to drink and smoke and generally avoid you, then you have cause for concern, especially if it’s way off-dial from what you’ve been able to casually observe in your marriage/relationship.


If you feel suspicious and confront your spouse/SO about your concerns and his/her first reaction is defensiveness rather than ease your mind and reaffirm their love, then it’s pretty likely they’re cheating.

What are some of the signs that you have noticed of cheating from past or current relationships? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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